Make + Do: Pork n’ Berries

Last Saturday and Sunday, I collected bunches of farm-fresh produce on the Know Your Farms Tour. I was inspired by the tours, samples and info as well as the veggies themselves to try something a little different this week in the kitchen.

Foodventure: Know Your Farms Tour (Day 1)

Over the weekend, my crunchy friends invited me to tag along on the 6th annual Know Your Farms Tour, a 2-day fest featuring 15 diverse farms in the greater Charlotte area. Y'all know I love the farmers' market!

Kinky Fridays: Hairizon Beauty

Opened in 2011 by mother-daughter pair Valerie Jackson and Joi Stepney in Five Points, Hairizon carries several natural hair product lines as well as local handmade jewelry and accessories.

Giving Up

Over the weekend, Kelley inspired me to join a minimalist challenge for the month of May. For each day of the month, you give away as many things as the date. I've been purging since February so unfortunately for this challenge, I've given away most of my extra clothes, shoes, bags, dishes etc. already. Fortunately for me, that's not my major problem.

Kinky Friday: Weaves and Contacts and Implants Pt. 1

I've finally succumbed to the lure of protective styling. Not because it makes any sense to wear your hair in a bun every day so it can grow long enough to wear bigger buns, but because the winter cold is drying and I want to give my hair a bit of rest. And I'm lazy…

Kinky Fri- um, Monday: Black Girls Can Blo!

Since I first heard about blow dry bars a few years ago, I've been curious. Quick $35 straightening sounds like a perfect why-didn't-I-think-of-that ?idea for the kinky and curly headed, but the salons are marketed primarily to women who already have straight hair. I knew that the black/white, textured/straight salon experiences are somewhat different, but…

The Things That Keep This Woman Single…

In the past couple weeks I've read 2 viral (and vital!) breakdowns of exactly what's wrong with [ostensibly, black] women to keep us single and to keep black men single by association. Because I turned down a date with a good black man to finish rollersetting my hair tonight (as a black woman, I'm hair…

Kinky Friday Hair Recipe Review: CurlyNikki?s Coconut Conditioner

I had several cans of coconut milk but didn?t feel like making curry, so I put it to use. I noticed?CurlyNikki?s coconut milk conditioner?recipe a while ago and decided to give it a try. Verdict: Fantastic! My hair looks and feels like a big fluffy storm cloud and it?s been reinfused with some much-needed moisture.…