My Life

Giving Up

Over the weekend, Kelley inspired me to join a minimalist challenge for the month of May. For each day of the month, you give away as many things as the date. I've been purging since February so unfortunately for this challenge, I've given away most of my extra clothes, shoes, bags, dishes etc. already. Fortunately for me, that's not my major problem.

So… that went well.

I completely gave up on the posting-from-Jamaica scheme. We all knew that was bound to not work out. I was too busy getting kidnapped, writing papers and enjoyng the local botany to really focus on any kind of coherent blogging. However, now that I'm back to (my) real world I need a creative outlet that…

Cool Runnings

At the urging of my mother though, I've decided to at least try to use the little bit of consistent internet time I have to document at least a few of my adventures. And if I can do anything, it's have an adventure.

Best Week Ever

Thank you LaShaya, Eddie, Mommy, Nikki, Darnell, Wanda, Kris, Greggie, Michael, Debra, Sheree, Kristal, Mia, Vanessa, Charles, all of Shaya's family, the wonderful folks at Love, Webster Hall, the Apollo, the Broadway Theatre, Radio City and 40/40, Apple (that good paycheck that made it all possible), Bank of America, Airtran, United, the NY MTA, the…


So summer has come, and thus I begin my search for part-time summer employment. I would love a 20-hr/week office gig, but I'll take anything that doesn't include standing, selling, or restocking accessories. My soul can't take but so much "customer service" either, but I understand that compromise is necessary. In a perfect world, I…

This place looks like crap

and is a poor testament to my having spent (not wasted!) 2.5 years in school learning nothing else except how to make things not look like crap. I'm a dissapointment to myself for so many reasons, the point that I'm not even sure if dissapointment is spelled correctly being one of them. re:design. I spent…

Working up a Black Sweat (Eeuagh*)

Between this job, this school, and my lack of self-transport skills, I am slowly dying inside. Seriously. Oh, there went my spleen. Someone asked me the other day why I stopped writing my blog. Honestly, I don't have much to write about anymore. Everything is either job related and I can't talk about it, sorority…