Alyssa Explains It All

I gave up on trying to teach my mom how to do anything in the kitchen but clean it a long time ago; If Chef Alyssa could help her boil water, much less cook a meal, it'd be moving mountains.

Make + Do: Pork n’ Berries

Last Saturday and Sunday, I collected bunches of farm-fresh produce on the Know Your Farms Tour. I was inspired by the tours, samples and info as well as the veggies themselves to try something a little different this week in the kitchen.

Foodventure: Know Your Farms Tour (Day 1)

Over the weekend, my crunchy friends invited me to tag along on the 6th annual Know Your Farms Tour, a 2-day fest featuring 15 diverse farms in the greater Charlotte area. Y'all know I love the farmers' market!

Less-Cheese (not cheese-less) Veggie Lasagna

I bought a new slow cooker! I?m so excited about it. I?ve been wanting a tiny 2-qt one for ages because the size is more suitable for 1-3 people. Target has round 2qt Crock-Pots for $11.99 and I picked one up last week. First recipe: veggie lasagna. Vegetable lasagna is truly one of my favorite…

Roast. Beasted.

My Gramma and I bond through cooking. When I travel I bring her crazy spices, which she never uses, but I impress her by making stuff with of them when I come home to visit. Since I ditched her for Nassau last Christmas, I treated her (and the family) to a Bahamian spiced roast and an islandy mango-peach-apricot-orange ham this year.

Mused Bouche: Come get these buns.

There's not really a point in reviewing Soul per se; nearly everyone I know eats there regulrly and the food and drinks are consistently good. What's been driving me across town at odd hours of the day and night are their nightly specials, which tend to be a departure from their regular menu fare in content but deliciously, not in style.

Mused Bouche – Malaya Kitchen

Cuisine Malaya in Elizabeth is probably my favorite go-to restaurant pound for pound. I frequently crave Asian food of all types and CM delivers consistent goodness at a great price, including generously-sized sushi rolls. Since I was near the Arboretum today I decided to check out Malaya Kitchen, a new Malaysian-fusion restaurant I've been reading…