Colored Commentary

Kinky Fri- um, Monday: Black Girls Can Blo!

Since I first heard about blow dry bars a few years ago, I've been curious. Quick $35 straightening sounds like a perfect why-didn't-I-think-of-that ?idea for the kinky and curly headed, but the salons are marketed primarily to women who already have straight hair. I knew that the black/white, textured/straight salon experiences are somewhat different, but…

The Negro Digest(s)

?While you wretched, ratchet plebes are watching Basketball Wives, I?m in here reading vintage Jet Magazines on Google Books.? - me, before Love and Hip Hop Atlanta existed. But really, Negro Weeklies were like the VH1 of the Jim Crow era.

Half Massed

I know full well that comment sections on the internet are reserved for the worst human beings on earth to be able to speak the pieces that no one will listen to in real life, but I read anyway.

“…and now you know.”

One could say that the instruction in itself is harmful because girls are brought up to modify their bodies for their partners' pleasure? but it doesn't sound much different from many of the physical "norms" that American girls are taught? and pulling on labia sounds a lot less painful than a Brazilian wax.

Great Jobs.

"...the only way to do great work is to love what you do." -- that sentiment goes so much farther than setting a career goal. What would it look like to love everything you do, and to do only that which you can be proud of and love?

Pretty Ton(e)y/i?

originally written circa January 2009 About a month ago I thought about something that hadn't crossed my mind in over ten years. When I was little-little and normal and happy, I had an imaginary friend. His name was Tony (sometimes Tone or Toney... yes, he was named after the group) and he was the coolest…

own yourself.

People give Oprah a bad rap for a lot of reasons; the main one is probably that she sets herself up as some kind of sage or guru. But honestly, she is a sage. She's lived a life, as I like to say. She's learned some lessons. She knows and is comfortable enough with herself…