Now that’s what I call Christmas.

Wham! – Last Christmas

Wham! and company enjoying winter weather like only white people can. Seriously… I spent an entire day helping my mom shop for a ski trip and she stressed herself out looking for layered coats and body warming longjohns and $20 ski socks. These people ain’t do all that. They just threw on some warm boots and wool scarves and got it poppin’. Look at that little bit of luggage. There’s no flannel in there, just glitter brooches and hairspray. George Michael has shown me life and inspired me to live it… but I might need the ski socks though.

  1. Stacey Rose

    3 Dec ?11 9:36 am

    I wonder what this would have looked like if Shalamar would have done this video? :/

    • Dani

      3 Dec ?11 11:09 pm

      That sounds like a mystery for the ‘bizkits. Should we do a series of music videos as defunct black R&B groups would have done them?

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