LAST December, I made a commitment to write something every day in the month, to get myself in the writing habit. Knowing that my weakness is “not having anything to say,” the glory of Paul McCartney (may he rest in peace) brought me an idea – a Holiday Jam a day, along with maybe a bit of poetic waxing about something or the other.

I did like six, most of them double-or-triple posts, and then quit. I promise not to be quite as lame this year. But I’m just going to repost those first six exactly as they were, since no one read them in the first place. Also, I realize that I am already behind a day. Don’t judge.

Wings – Wonderful Christmas Time

If this isn’t the greatest Christmas song ever, it could be the best song Paul M ever sang. As a Beatles fan and a Say Say Say fan, I’m dead serious. I wish I could explain why “Wonderful Christmastime” brings me so much joy, but I can’t. I think 95% might be that wamp wamping keyboard noise though.

The video also makes me want to drink a lot of hot hard cider and go caroling. Miserably. Actually, that should be the First Friday Puzzybizkits field trip. I’m down for it.