Thai House has long been one of my favorite restaurants. It’s not fancy or Michelin starred but the food is consistently good, not too expensive (most entrees are under $15) and the service is outstanding. I used to visit the one in University fairly often but since graduation I’ve been hitting up the one in Pineville. Unlike some multiple-location restaurants, there’s really no difference in quality between the two.

There was a Groupon for Thai House earlier this week but I don’t think it’s still on. It was kind of dumb not to get it… I knew I’d end up there eventually.

I tried their squid tempura in my neverending quest for the perfect calimari. There was as much vegetable as there was squid in the mix and it was… okay. The squid were really chewy, which I generally don’t like, but they were huge chunks, so that offset the chewiness. It was tough to bite but not tough to eat, if that makes sense.

Red curry duck was one of the specials this evening. I asked for a “not too spicy” adjustment and the seasoning was perfect for me. For me to enjoy duck the texture has to be right, and this was pretty good. The meat was tender and moist (most duck I’ve had locally has been on the dry side) and the fried skin was perfect.

The #35 (Pla Preowarn) with mahi is reliably delicious. The fish is pan-fried perfectly, and the sauce is so freaking good. My mom is having a fancy dinner at McNinch House tomorrow, so I’m eating her leftovers.

Oh, and the portions are huge. I have NEVER been able to finish an entree there in one sitting.