And the Carver is…

Christian has an identical twin, and the twin is the Carver. This is how I know:

1. I generally thought that Kit had planted evidence, thus the matching DNA in the condom. However, that was just an assumption; it was never cleared up. An identical twin would share Christian’s DNA.

2. The Carver couldn’t cut Christian’s face. Because it was his own?

3. Peep the Carver’s site at The whole point of the site is to give you clues. Under interests:

The Wally Lamb refrence under “Books”… Wally Lamb’s second novel I Know This Much Is True is about identical twin brothers from a horribly abusive family, one of whom ends up emotionally detached and the other of whom ends uf being a paranoid schizophrenic into public self-mutilation. (As a stretch, could the obese “Mama” from the first ep. of the season be a vague refrence to Lamb’s first book, She’s Come Undone?) I pulled out the Wally Lamb refrence because it was emphasized in the list.

3. The Carver obviously has a specific vendetta against Christian and what he does. He doesn’t want Christian to have anything good in his life, thus his kidnapping of Kimber (who I doubt is going to go back to him after she is found. Spoilers.). Perfect M.O. for a forlorn twin who wasn’t able to live the life his (or her) brother did.

Once you get going on the theory, it all seems to fall together. Let me know what you think. Courtney, you do not count… you can’t handle the Tuck.

  1. studpoet

    9 Dec ?05 11:57 am

    wow! now that is an awesome theory! the funny thing is Christians life wasn’t all that ideal (thinking about his horrific sexual abuse at the hands of his step father) but of course the Carver probably only knows about what Christian is doing now (hot car, hot fiancee, hot career). hmmm…the only question though…why didn’t the mom mention this point (that he had a twin)?

  2. kinkythought

    9 Dec ?05 2:13 pm

    to Studpoet:
    That actually helped explain to me why the mother wanted Christian out of her life so quickly and completely. I was thinking, why wouldn’t this woman want her rich doctor son to at least hang around for some free tummy tuckage, but if it would mean potentially being hassled by another kid later down the line, that might be too much to handle. And the characters in I Know This Much Is True were both screwed up, one of them was just a bit more able to cope in society than the other. That’s Christian all over!

  3. evergreen

    9 Dec ?05 3:14 pm

    I agree with all your speculation, but I’ll go you one step further: The Carver is one of Christian’s alter egos. With that theory, not only does everything you say fit, but it also (1) meets Ryan Murphy’s promise that it’s a major character; and (2) leaves room for a future when Christian is found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity; or (3) allows RM to end the series and exit on top like he keeps saying he wants to.

  4. kinkythought

    9 Dec ?05 5:28 pm

    I LIKE THAT! I thought about it, but thought maybe it was too farfetched… but I didn’t know about/take into account Ryan Murphy’s comments (I just really started trying to figure this out in earnest like, last night.) I keep wanting there to have been more clues about Christian having an alter ego, though. And how would that explain the details of Christian’s attack and Kit’s attack while he was in jail?

  5. Princess-Pink

    14 Dec ?05 4:50 am

    I am totaly thinking that this theory has many truths about it. I am doing research about the carver and examining the myspace page. I have season 1 and 2 and am also trying to find clues to the identity of the carver there. I know that next week is going to be a shock to us all, I just hope it is not someone we all love on the show. It is just the season fanalie right? I have been hearing that it is the series fanalie. My guns are still pointed at Ava as a back-up. I guess we will know next Tuesday, it is a thousand years till then.

  6. Aidansmom7

    14 Dec ?05 2:04 pm

    Oh my God-you have got to be like the smartest person ever!! I have been racking my brain about this for sooo long and came up with sooo many theories, after Ariel and her dad came on the scene I have thought it was her dad until now. Your theory makes perfect sense. And I don’t think it could just be Christian’s alter ego because he was in jail when that cop chick was attacked. I mean of course Christian would have no idea if he had a twin because he doesn’t remember when he was adopted as a baby. Well, until the finale next week I am definitely going with your theory, cause it’s the only one so far that doesn’t have holes in it to try to explain!!! Thanx for sharing!!:)

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