Are Rights Forever Too?

Bassey Fumes Over Kanye Sample, 9/21/05

What would posess a superstar, major-label producer to not get clearance on a sample? Especially an obvious and recognizable sample that’s the whole basis of the lead single from the most anticipated album of the year? I’ve been trying to figure this out since I heard the original “Lovers and Friends” that Usher and friends didn’t just sample, but straight rerecorded without so much as a mention of the original artist. (I would toss a link up, but I’m lazy.) Oh well.

Fiona Apple has a new album? I might have to cop that. After I hear 2K6: The Tracks.

Oh, and this is freakin’ hilarious. I need to find this video.

  1. Rashid Muhammad

    6 Oct ?05 10:14 am

    I can only imagine that it is arrogance or Kanye’s legal department slippin. Also, you have to think that she probably doesn’t even own the rights to her performance in that song. If that’s the case, then whether he can use the sample or not isn’t her call to make. She MIGHT be due a royalty check depending on her contract, but she MIGHT actually be getting that check and not be aware.

    She obviously doesn’t understand the huge difference between her voice being sampled and her actually performing. As in one requires her to get off her ass to get paid and the other one doesn’t.

    Looks like she is going to try to make it happen both ways now 😉

  2. courtney

    10 Oct ?05 2:48 pm

    wow @ Kanye…i didnt even know…*doing a google search on the subject*

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