Like I said:

Why is the apartment-hunting situation so crucial right now? Like, I’ma be living in an apartment 24 hours from now. When the girl gets on the grind the girl gets on the grind. Please believe it.

Okay? Holla at a scholar in Pine from now on. Don’t think this process went by without incident; of course somebody was tryin’ to bring the drama and I had to shut it down… (why are you lying saying you were first in line? B-tch, I been here since 4:30. Take your waking-up-at-5:45-behind to the back of the line.) There were only three spots so the shit was crucial. On a normal day, I probably wouldn’t have called the girl a liar, or asked how the heck she figured she was going to schlep down here an hour after me and be in front of me, (and yes, I said schlep. I took it there with the Yiddish slang). Maybe after being told “Well, some people need to go!” I could have said something a little more polite than, “Exactly, so move out the way so I can make my room change.” Maybe since I was bundled up in my AKA blanket I should have been a little less thug, but daggit when the girl is serious, the girl is serious.

Now let me sleep through my 9:30.