So, under normal circumstances I would be going to Slam Charlotte tonight, since I always go, but I’m feeling a little under the weather. The weather being bloody with a 70% chance of cramps. Yes, the Menstruation Fairy has entered my life for the second time this year thanks to the wonders of modern technology. It’s officially been a year since I’ve ovulated of my own volition. Though this does not bode well for my child-rearing future, it might come in handy when I have to sell my body for tuition money. I’ll keep you posted.

So I’ve become somewhat convinced that my lack of ability to attract a mate is somehow connected with my lack of fertility; didn’t some program on The Learning Channel say that women are more likely to get hit on when they’re ovulating? I guess I prove that the opposite is also true. It’s only half as disappointing as it sounds though; I’m not really looking for anyone, I just get foxy after watching CSI.