So I asked my grandparents to bring me my bicycle, but I’m definitely not bringing it to campus for a while. I have to build up my street cred first. Back when I had a measure of crediblity, I couldn’t ride the much celebrated cycle (a Christmas gift freshman year) because my grandfather didn’t want me to slip and die on some ice, and by springtime the bike had been “given” to Marc (like he ever rode it.) So now I can get the thing back, and I’m ready to trick it out with a wicker basket in the front and a little dingy-bell, but I can not?I will not?break out on a new campus riding a damn bicycle. Especially not with a bell. At State, it would have been cool, everybody knows I’m a little different; but one can’t be too different too soon in a new place or you never make it out of the gate.

Give me a good month, because this walking is driving me crazy.