So yes, PETA emailed me back. The gist of the response was, “we didn’t mean to be offensive, but we were trying to make a point.”

I’m sure the hicks who want to keep the confederate flag flying at the SC courthouse are trying to make a point, too.

Am I crazy? Because I’m not seeing the logic in this argument: “By teaching respect for animals, we can also cultivate attitudes of nonviolence toward humans.” The argument just does not work both ways. Since when does PETA champion nonviolence toward humans? When they mail razor blades to fur farmers? When they pay for legal support for activists who firebomb research labs? Oh, that’s right; they only support nonviolence toward humans who agree with them.

Bottom line, if you’re saying that human suffering compares to animal suffering, you’re just as bad as the people who mistreat humans and consider them animals. But then, if you’re a person who believes that animals should have the same rights as humans, I guess it doesn’t matter. That is the difference between someone who belives in animal welfare and someone who belives in animal rights. The former simply believes that animals should be treated humanely (with kindness, mercy, and compassion). I’m very much for animal welfare; I’m not for elecrifying bunny rabbits, I don’t like seeing animals in the circus, and I don’t go for elephant ivory and exotic animal fur. HOWEVER, I’d rather see a rat die from cancer-drug research than my grandma. It’s about extremes.

So I have a vegetarian roomate, which may prove to be interesting if she is the “you shouldn’t do what I don’t do” type. I might have to go on a Beef Binge or a Poultry Picket. But I don’t wanna get fat.

Pray for me.