Charlie Murphy says that Chapelle’s Show is no more.

First Rick James dies, now this? WTH is going on here? I call shenanigans. Charlie Murphy ain’t nobody. I think I’d trust an announcement from Comedy Central or maybe Dave himself, but when did Charlie become an official spokesman for the show? Maybe this is all a clever ruse to get everyone dejected and sad, and then when we least expect it, KAPOW! Season 3!!! Wouldn’t that be fun?

Or maybe I just need to let it go.

At any rate, my wireless internet is back in action, so not all is lost. And I’m growing more elated by the minute about The Big Move… across town.

So I got a call today, or rather my mom got a call today, requesting my presence to temp again at my old job. That would be awesome, because a) maybe they could find a part-time gig for me and b) that would give be just enough money to replace my digital camera. If I replace my camera, I can stop lying to these clubs and telling them that I have a camera (it’s not lying… I have one, it’s just broken) and my karma will heal up and I can pimp this secondary side-hustle. That would be my pocket/travel money for the fall and maybe enough to make a down payment on a G5, which would allow me to step my primary side-hustle into high gear. That would be perfect.

But first, I need my old job to return my returning of their phone calls. Is this a bad thing?