I knew PETA people were crazy, but

this takes the vegan fruit cake. This video at PETA’s Animal Liberation Project site attmpts to make the point that “We Are All Animals,” and in doing so compares American slavery, forced child labor, Nazi concentration camp, and Native American obliteration with the plight of farm-ranged cattle and circus bears. I’m against animal cruelty, but I do belive that if animals were meant to be treated the same as humans, it would be staggeringly obvious. At press time, the greatest technological breakthrough ever made by an elephant was finding a bigger stick to swing through the underbrush with.

So I wrote PETA a letter. I doubt that it’ll do any good, because the narrow, fanatical minds that could see it acceptable to kill a human scientist for harming a rabbit or beat a woman down for wearing a fur coat are not going to change for me; but I couldn’t let it pass. I think I’ll go fix myself a meat and sinew sandwich, now.

The Letter:
Although I am against animal cruelty and brutality, I am offended by the means that your organization uses to communicate its’ point. I recently viewed the “Animal Liberation Project” flash presentation at your website, and to be honest, I was not moved. You are comparing the pain and torture suffered by African slaves, Native American Indians and Jewish concentration camp prisoners to that of circus animals and farm hens.
If you honestly think that this is appropriate and that the enslavement of a human being compares to the display of circus animals, you are no better than the slavers, soldiers, and Nazis of the past.

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  1. brent

    22 Jun ?06 11:58 pm

    People Eating Tasty Animals.


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