So did everyone watch Mo’Nique’s FAT Chance Saturday? I really hope so, because it was hands down the best beauty pageant I’ve ever seen next to Little Miss AKA 1988, but I’m partial. I was loving it! Mo’Nique is gorgeous, and I’m still wondering why in the world she doesn’t have her own clothing line yet (maybe she has a no-competitor contract with Just My Size?). All the ladies were gorgeous… it really changed my perception of the types of clothes a plus-size woman can wear. I don’t quite meet the plus size mark, but I was racking up fashion tips for myself!

All of the contestants were plus, but none of them were what I would call obese or terribly out of shape; they all carried their weight really well. I’m a firm believer that a woman CAN be 200 lbs. and still be fit, and that healthy does NOT necessarily equal skinny. Hell, if every woman looked like the Olsen twins we’d be in a sad state. You can’t birth babies with them narra’ hips.

I really don’t have much to say, except that the show was good. I’m sure the haters will be in rotation my Monday morning. (eew! fat people are gross!). Brush those chubby shoulders off.