D-Double Standards

Honestly, I don’t watch MTV’s “My Super Sweet Sixteen.” I went to high school with those girls and I do NOT want to relive that b.s. However, when I saw little chubby Sophie snap on the uninvited girl who had the gall to be holding an invite in her hand, I had to keep watching. Homegirl was hood. And she wasn’t quite as bratty as the other chicks they usually have on the show. Maybe I’m biased, though, because she looked like she might have been a little chocolate chip. At any rate, she kind of reminded me of my sixteen-year-old self, y’know, if I’d had a white mom with no reservations about overextending her line of credit.

My classes start tommorrow, I have the best schedule ever, my roomate is pretty cool, and I’M GETTING MY BOOBS CUT OFF IN DECEMBER!!!

So yeah, life is kinda sweet.

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  1. courtney

    24 Aug ?05 6:56 pm

    Jesus……cut off? I wish….*sigh*…how much is it gonna cost?

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