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Thicke is the new Justin.

It was 1995 and R&B was just beginning its slow and tragic decline to be replaced by hip-hop. Then, along comes Jon B., the original sexy white guy with a ghetto pass. Now, Jon B. fooled a lot of people; I'm sure there are some who still think he was either Puerto Rican or real…

Mayor May Force People Out of New Orleans

Let me just say that I fully support the move to make people get out of these flooded areas. I just question how exactly they're going to go about doing it. None of the people thus far associated with this Katrina relief effort have yet proven themselves to be especially competent or thoughtful, so I expect some mishaps with trying to force people out of their homes. I wouldn't put it past some of these heavily armed paratroopers to shoot people who won't leave. Crazier things have happened.

A Trial In Verse

Bless His Soul, but people have been telling Michael Jackson for years: Stop The Love That You Save?it's Bad! But Michael always replies, Leave Me Alone! It's just Human Nature! Why you Wanna Trip on Me? I thought Mike had had enough of the Young Folks, but obviously not. Another little boy said Mike asked…

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