Do(n’t) Think Twice.

Billie Jean may not be my favorite Michael Jackson song. That honor is arguably reserved for the original demo version of PYT. However, 80% of the time I will argue that Billie Jean is not only Michael Jackson's best song, but the best song. Like, the best song in pop music history, on visceral, technical, emotional, etc. levels. I can talk for hours about that song. It is Michael's masterpiece.

Jesus is the Reason.

Whether you're filling an advent folder, spinning a dreidel, knitting some Kwanzaa hats or just maxing out your credit card for no particular reason, just enjoy it.

It’s officially official.

I have never heard anyone sing with more excitement about anything, in any song, ever in my life, than little bb Michael singing about Santa Claus right here. Which is awesome considering he never celebrated Christmas as a kid.

Holiday Jamzzzzzz – Pt. 2

LAST December, I made a commitment to write something every day for the month of December to get myself in the writing habit. Knowing that my weakness is "not having anything to say," the glory of Paul McCartney (may he rest in peace) brought me an idea - a Holiday Jam a day, along with maybe a bit of poetic waxing about something or the other.

Working up a Black Sweat (Eeuagh*)

Between this job, this school, and my lack of self-transport skills, I am slowly dying inside. Seriously. Oh, there went my spleen. Someone asked me the other day why I stopped writing my blog. Honestly, I don't have much to write about anymore. Everything is either job related and I can't talk about it, sorority…

Fresh to Death

So I went to the Little Brother show last night at Tremont and it was soooo good! The openers were even decent, esp. The Others and Herron (am I the only person in the world not on myspace?) Hands down the best 12 bucks I've ever spent. The chick singing wasn't all that great, but…

New To You Tuesday: More than Music

No, there's no Dipset here. I mean literally, more than music. In putting the cart before the horse and planning a show before I've sewn a stich, this became my new favorite site: Imaginary Runways Because everyone knows runway shows have the best music. That reminded me that I never found Kara Saun's runway music…

New To You Tuesday

I had a really hard time narrowing down the contenders for this week. With new tracks from India Irie, Rhymefest, Kanye, and Beck I just didn't know what to choose... So I'll pick two.

New to You Tuesday

This is becoming a regular thing. You like? Thanks to Courtney S. for putting me on to this song in the first place. Toni Braxton: Take This Ring It used to be a point of consternation, but I love the way Toni Braxton comes out with one hot song every two years or so and…