I?m not watching the speech, so I have no idea what?s being said, but people go back and forth with the same tired arguments about gun control every time something crazy happens. Observations:

– ?If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.? But regular people having legal guns haven?t stopped a single mass shooting yet. That I can think of, anyway. Feel free to prove me wrong.

– On that note, none of these mass shootings that I can think of were carried out by known criminals. Just regular ass crazy people. With strong guns.

– If high powered weapons are limited to ?gangsters? and criminals and not regular ass (and sometimes crazy) people, I?m cool with that. Because gangsters and criminals tend to shoot up other gangsters and criminals over gangstery, criminal shit. If they all eventually kill each other? I?m good.

– For those second amendment literalists: there is not, and will never be, a reason for anybody in these Unites States of America to form a militia. Ever. The US has the most intense and expansive military in human history. They will never need your jackleg help. If you rise against them, you will not win. Unless you have nukes in your basement with all those canned goods and toilet paper.

But I?m sleep tho. Literally, it?s like 10. I have things to do in the morning.