I don’t feel like writing, but I feel guilty that I skipped out on the holiday jams again. This is old, but heartwarming.
Originally posted 10/5/06

Am I the only person alive under the age of 40 who knows what Fletcher’s Castoria tastes like? If you don’t know, it’s a derivative of castor oil (I think?) that tastes like Cheerwine. I knew enough about drinking verboten liquids (from my ink and beer experiences) to never just drink it straight, but I used to pretend to have tummy aches just so my Gramma would grab the little brown bottle from the medicine cabinet above her toilet and give me a couple of spoonfulls.

The company that makes it is now owned by the same company that makes Menthlatum. Unless your primary caregivers were born prior to 1945, you have probably never seen a bottle of Mentholatum, but I believe my grandparents have been using the same one since my mom was a little kid. It’s an antiseptic apparently; I used to think rubbing alcohol was just for rubbing sore muscles down (another thing that only old people do).

Rose Ann and Fred are the reason I’m so damn quirky (and alone). I love them for it.

Joe Louis was rasied on Fletcher's Castoria too.