December 2011


While the rest of y'all are bullshitting, I follow through on my New Year's resolutions. My life cycles kinda follow the calendar year anyway, but I think that's just my SAD at work.

Stacks on stacks… on stacks.

I have been duped?multiple times over?by Amazon Prime. I'm selfishly unselfishly opening up my free 3-day shipping to the masses... or just the masses who bother to read my stuff.

Roast. Beasted.

My Gramma and I bond through cooking. When I travel I bring her crazy spices, which she never uses, but I impress her by making stuff with of them when I come home to visit. Since I ditched her for Nassau last Christmas, I treated her (and the family) to a Bahamian spiced roast and an islandy mango-peach-apricot-orange ham this year.

I hope I’ve made it easy for the cleanup woman.

I haven't talked to my father in about 8 years. There's a story, but no major life-crushing reason. Our relationship was always (and I mean this in a COMPLETELY non-creepy way) more similar to what you'd have with a charming yet narcissistic boyfriend than your standard father-daughter one, so I feel comfortable saying I dumped him. That's pretty much how I roll.

Jesus is the Reason.

Whether you're filling an advent folder, spinning a dreidel, knitting some Kwanzaa hats or just maxing out your credit card for no particular reason, just enjoy it.

It’s officially official.

I have never heard anyone sing with more excitement about anything, in any song, ever in my life, than little bb Michael singing about Santa Claus right here. Which is awesome considering he never celebrated Christmas as a kid.

Holiday Jamzzzzzz – Pt. 2

LAST December, I made a commitment to write something every day for the month of December to get myself in the writing habit. Knowing that my weakness is "not having anything to say," the glory of Paul McCartney (may he rest in peace) brought me an idea - a Holiday Jam a day, along with maybe a bit of poetic waxing about something or the other.