I completely gave up on the posting-from-Jamaica scheme. We all knew that was bound to not work out. I was too busy getting kidnapped, writing papers and enjoyng the local botany to really focus on any kind of coherent blogging. However, now that I’m back to (my) real world I need a creative outlet that doesn’t have a deadline, so here I am.

I had fun. Lots and lots of fun. The Howie-Brockington Jaunt of 2006 was still my Best Week Ever, but by tenure in Jamaica definitely accounts for the rest of the top ten list. The people need to know about the goodness. I have a paper due in 6 hours, so I won’t be writing anything today, but I’ll just pick snippets to write about here and there until I get tired of talking about it. We’ll have a vote. What should I tell first?

-The Ballad of the Constable (A Trilogy)
-How I Almost Got Kidnapped Again
-“Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Bembe!”
-The Harlem All-Star
-Assorted Hollerations
-BDWC Theory – An International Perspective
-The YMCA – The Boys
-The TMCA – The Kids
-The City Bus
-The Mini Bus
-How to Survive Sumfest with Explosive Diarrhea
-“Big chune, dis!”

Vote or something. I’m just going to pick what I most feel like thinking about and typing out at the moment anyway, but at least you’ll feel like you have a say.