So… I haven’t actually posted to this blog in forever… about a year, I suppose? At first, it was because I wasn’t doing anything particularly interesting or exciting with my life. Then I wanted to actually take the time to recode the site, install WP on my own server, and move everything over professional-like. That never happened. Then I did have interesting and exciting things happen… but I didn’t make the time to document them. In retrospect, I wish I had, but that’s life. I’ll try to do better.

99% of the people who know me know that right now, I’m in Kingston, Jamaica on study abroad with the International Partnership for Service Learning and Leardership. If you are of the 1%, the mystery is solved. I thought about having a whole updated website deal documenting my adventures, but then I opted not to bring my lovely TiBook with me. At the urging of my mother though, I’ve decided to at least try to use the little bit of consistent internet time I have to document at least a few of my adventures. And if I can do anything, it’s have an adventure.

I’ve been here for three weeks now, so a lot has happened already, but I’ll start from today and we’ll fill in here and there as we go along. Sounds fair? Good. And I will try to post pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. For now I have a bunch on the Facebook, which anyone can take a gander at here. But the wide open web is much more egalitarian and accessible, so I’ll try to post them here in the future. But we’ll see. Facebook is easier than ftp’ing.

*Disclaimer* I obviously don’t have time to be all detailed and thoughtful about this, so my journals, for the next five weeks, will more than likely be quite gramatically incorrect, mispelled and improperly coded. Don’t fault me for it. Just enjoy. 🙂 I am learning to deal with imperfection in all its beauty.