May 2006

New to You Tuesday (late edition)

I'm a fly girl on a shoestring budget. This week's review: The Chinatown Bus I was wary as hell when my dear friend Miss H. suggested that we take the Chinatown bus rather than the train from DC to New York. My Amtrak ticket would have been $45 bucks, but her round trip ticket would…

Best Week Ever

Thank you LaShaya, Eddie, Mommy, Nikki, Darnell, Wanda, Kris, Greggie, Michael, Debra, Sheree, Kristal, Mia, Vanessa, Charles, all of Shaya's family, the wonderful folks at Love, Webster Hall, the Apollo, the Broadway Theatre, Radio City and 40/40, Apple (that good paycheck that made it all possible), Bank of America, Airtran, United, the NY MTA, the…