In about three weeks, I will be packing my stuff for my 10-day Spring Break Redux Extravaganza.

May 11 – The Roots & Common in Charlotte at Amos’ Southend with Erin & Nikki
May 12-13 – LaShaya Graduates from College and I Help Her Celebrate
May 18-19 – The Roots at Radio City Music Hall
May 20 – Mom, Uncle Eddie & I see The Color Purple on Broadway.

I’m more excited than anyone can really realize right now. This was originally supposed to be two weekend trips, but returning to Charlotte only to fly back up the coast a few days later was more than my poor bank account could swing. Ah well. I didn’t get a Christmas break either, and I’m not going to Detroit, so this trip is well deserved. I just can’t help feeling like this whole deal came together a little too easily, and that something is bound to go wrong… but I just can’t help being a skeptic deep down inside.

(Not so) Hidden Racism of the Week: These horribly counterintuitive Volkswagen Jetta commercials… why is a black person the cause of the accident both times?
Think about it.

  1. Diddy

    24 Apr ?06 9:12 am

    Actually, it’s the driver’s responsibility to keep his/her eyes on the road. I NEVER LOOK at people riding in the car with me when I’m driving!

    But hey, that’s just me.

    I love my car too much (and I’m too poor) to hurt it!

    Enjoy your trip! I’ll be going up to NY myself twice in May. Can’t wait.

  2. graham!

    28 Apr ?06 4:37 am

    wait….were the drivers women? black = bad driver = racism.
    women = bad driver = well duhhhh…
    cant you ladies just stay home makin da babies???
    i need a beer…

  3. Dani

    28 Apr ?06 12:31 pm

    Graham… who wrecked his car and gets lost EVERY time we’ve gone somewhere? Okay then 😛

    (and send me an I heart Graham button IMMEDIATELY!)

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