I figure if I can’t do anything else, we’ll always have Tuesdays.

First off, two assignments, for anyone desiring a heaping spoonful of my undying love.
1. Make my computer automatically download the free iTunes Single of the Week. (my Automator skillz are weak, but it’s probably possible for a non-dummy)
2. Make me a portable media device speaker that looks like a freaking boombox. I want to put my player in the part where a cassette tape would be and put it on my shoulder and stroll through the hood b-girl syle. Eff that, I want it to play tapes too. And want it to have an aux. in, and I want it to run on D-cells or and AC adapter or a DC adapter… then I can play it out of the trunk of my nonexistent car for impromptu breakdance and/or cipher sessions. And I want it to charge said player while plugged in. Those are my specs. Now get on it.

Now, let me preface the following by saying that I love my people, but sometimes I hate watching my people on the news. I can’t completely discount the theory that newscasters deliberately seek out the most foolish looking characters to interview and put on TV, even if it is generally the foolish ones that hang around when stuff is going down. That being said, this cat has a blog dedicated to capturing these moments in one location for the world to browse. There are only two up right now, the infamous Bubb Rubb and my new favorite, the Alabama Leprechaun. When I say the Alabama Leprechaun is my favorite, I mean this is the funniest shit I have ever seen in my entire life. I thought it was a lost Chappelle episode or something.

Black People in the News

Last but not least, XtremeMac has produced a very familiar-looking speaker system, the Tango. Fast, aren’t they? It also looks like XtremeMac is the first to make a voice recorder for 5Gs. If only they’d come out two weeks sooner, I could have made someone’s life a little easier. Oh well. Maybe she’ll stumble across my blog.