Fresh to Death

So I went to the Little Brother show last night at Tremont and it was soooo good! The openers were even decent, esp. The Others and Herron (am I the only person in the world not on myspace?) Hands down the best 12 bucks I’ve ever spent. The chick singing wasn’t all that great, but she was alright. And I discovered Sparks, which has taken the place of Smirnoff TB on the casual drinking list. But I digress.

the offending writing implement. that’s the only pen I own that writes halfway decent.

Since I’m broke and whack and have the bootlegs of all their CDs, it’s not like I had anything to get signed, so I had to take one of the little Mistrel Show posters, which aren’t so little at all. Phonte and Big Pooh only signed a couple of autographs and they’d already left by the time I got up to the stage, but 9th hung around for a while… but he didn’t have a pen to sign anything with. Being the person I am, I volunteer the only one I had, which happened to be my good green AKA pen. Obviously I had to hang around until he finished or somebody volunteered another one, ’cause man couldn’t keep my pen. I think I looked like a groupie.

(a good ten minutes after he’d signed my poster for me and I thanked him personally for djing the NPHC cookout at State a year after he’d been doing beats for Jay-Z…)
“Oh, you want a picture?”
“Oh, sure. Umm, I’m not stalking you out or anthing, I’m just waiting on my pen.”
“Haha, my bad. Here you go.”
“It’s no problem, I wouldn’t care, but it’s an AKA pen. I can’t let you keep that one.”
“Ahhh. You’re an a-kah? (and a scrunchy face)”
“LOL! Why you gotta look like that about it?!”
“lol. I’m just kidding.”

Lape, you should’ve come with me.

  1. Myra

    8 Dec ?05 1:35 am

    I am so.jealous! 🙂

  2. Rashid Z. Muhammad

    30 Dec ?05 1:31 am

    Cool Pic

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