What’s Happening on the Boondocks?

My infatuation with Aaron McGruder nonwithstanding, the Boondocks on Adult Swim was actually really funny. Something seems off about Grandad’s voice, but he is funny as hell. I was also questioning the animation style, but I think it might grow on me.

This was one occasion where the promo editing really didn’t do the program justice, because I was a little dissapointed by what I had seen; but through either bad editing or clever marketing the funniest moments were completely surprising. I guess next week will determine whether I was just pleasantly surprised or whether the show is actually as hilarious as I found it.

Quote of the week:
“Gay? No, I’m not gay. I mean, I think a man looks good if he got good hair and a ponytail, but I’m not gay.” ? Grandad

Today also wrapped up the 48-hour What’s Happenin’ marathon. Has a better character than Rerun ever graced the small screen? If anyone knows the new regular airtime on TV Land, let me know.

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  1. graham!

    13 Nov ?05 12:58 pm

    i freakin ADORE the boondocks kids. i see ads for it all the time and i get so excited but then i forget i dont have cable tv and i cry. alot. im quite anxious to find out if its as good as i hope! i just worry that being a cartoon is gonna cause sacrifices in its relevancy. its kindof bittersweet that the only thing in an entire newspaper thats topically honest and not caught up in rhetoric and bullshit is a comic strip. and those kids are freakin cute–dead-on cyncism is adorable =D

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