Yesterday, I got this in my facebook message box:

CRUSH is introducing a new THURSDAY night jumpoff… Come with your best swagger, because this is for the Young, Fly, and Flashy!! So Fellas throw on that button-up and Ladies do what you normally do!!

DJ Tab D’Bia$$i, The Million Dolla’ DJ of Power 98 will be on the turntables. LISTEN TO POWER 98 FOR MORE INFO!! You never know who you might rub elbows with.

CRUSH is the premiere Club Uptown right beside the Westin Hotel. If you haven’t been in CRUSH, you haven’t experienced a REAL club!!

This would be just another club advertisement, and draw no rancor from me (y’all know I love the club) if this hadn’t appears a couple of weeks ago after a some vaguely discriminatory practices at another club:

Another example would be for those of yall who have tried to go to Crush on Wednesdays, and have been forced to leave, either because you didn’t have a second i.d., or because you weren’t dressed “appropriately.” At the door, white people get through security very fluidly. But let a n*gga get to the door. Here comes the array of requirements. Not only will you have to show your i.d. for age verification, but if you’re black you will surely have to present a college i.d. Secondly, they have a list of inappropriate attire, which I have noticed, gets longer every semester. It started with do rags and hats, and now encompasses timberlands, air force ones, all basketball shoes (ha), athletic wear, long t shirts, baggy jeans, and even ‘jeans with writing’, so I can’t even sport my Girbauds in there. Now if you’re a black male, take a quick mental thought of what you have in your wardrobe, and tell me if there’s anything you own that you can wear to the Crush.

My point? They are singling us out so as to limit the number of n*ggas that walk through their doors, whatever their motive may be. Crush is the most extreme example, but it isn’t the only club that follows such racist guidelines.

Closing: THIS SH*T HAS TO STOP. We (black students) need to find out how we can end this insolence. We’re in the year 2005, and I’m appalled at how things like this can happen, legally.

And these came from the same group. Aint that some shit?

I’m all about people doing what the heck they want to do with their own private establishments. If I owned a club, I’d bar hoochie wear and perms; that is and should be my right. And if I were a girl with a perm, instead of trying to slick curl my hair or complain about “that bitch and her bitch ass club,” I wouldn’t stick a foot on the premises.

But apparently, young black people are like, immune to that type of thinking. Even if a place treats you like shit on Wednesday night, it’s okay to go there Thursday when the black DJ is playing. They love black people, right? So wrong, so wrong. You’re still putting money in people’s pockets who obviously are happy to have it in a controlled atmosphere, but not when it’s drunk white girl night. And you do know that is the issue, right?

Granted, a man is less likely to wild out in church shoes, but the root issue here is white women, which is essentially the root issue of like, everything that happens on the globe (men live for sex, white men rule the world, white men rule the world around sex… with white women.) Why else would most black men go to a whack white club in the first place? (White club does not = whack, but white club = shitty music and nondancing = whack, for us darkies and our dancing asses.) I swear, sometimes I feel like Lawrence Fishburne in School Daze hollering at niggas to WAKE [THE FUCK] UP!

No, I’m not about to tirade about white women, because I have a lovely caucasian aunt who is married to my lovely negroid uncle and they have a lovely biracial baby and defy all the negative stereotypes of BDWC theory. However, I am tirading about dumb people and our willingness to complain when people treat us like crap but still throw money at them whenever its convenient. I’m actually surprised at the public outcry over the racial incident at this Greek store in Nashville, TN, but I wonder how long it will be before people stop wanting to drive a couple extra miles across town to pick up their big blue and gold umbrellas and go back to this man and his horrible wife and help them put some more food on the table. Why do we do this crap to ourselves? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: my generation isn’t worth shit when it comes to seeing a problem, making a sacrifice, and making a change through any means necessary. We would rather see a problem and complain to high heaven while bending over and taking it in the ass for an indefinite period of time. We can’t seem to get it that the triumph isn’t in the vocalizing of an issue, it’s in the getting off of one’s duff and doing something about it.

All I know is, I’m staying my ass at home tonight.