I felt like I could spend a little extra money this weekend, so I bought tickets to the Little Brother show on the 4th and a tshirt from Threadless, two things that I’ve been wanting to do for a minute now. I’m really excited about the show; since LB’s October date was cancelled in Charlotte and Kweli bailed on Bar Nun, my concert jones has been completely unfulfilled this semester. It would still be nice to have a cutie to go with, but the chances of A. my making an effort and B. it paying off in a week are slim and none, respectively.

Threadless.com Product - RecordSo I never actually took the time to check out Threadless, even though I see ads for their shirts all the time and loved them. But today while researching printers and other resources for my own shirts, stumbled across their annual Christmas sale and bought something. It really wasn’t an impusle buy, honest. I saw a shirt I really dug and kept thinking about it all day, AND it was fate because by the time I went back to the site last night all they had left in stock was my size. So I’m definitely submitting a design later on this week, maybe not for the SXSW competition but definitely for the general running. I’ll keep you posted.