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this page renders for shit in IE/Win. Why do people still use IE anyway, and WHY would you STILL use IE on a Mac? Don’t you have to like specifically look for the app in the dark pits of nested folders? That’s telling you something.

I’ve been trying to put my grandmother on to Firefox, especially since she basically had to have her computer rebuilt because it was so full of popups and spyware and dialers (thanks to my randy teenage cousin and his unsupervised internet exploits). However, my grandma is a woman of habit. I’m one step away from deleting the icon from her desktop, but I’m afraid she’d call Bellsouth irate because her internet isn’t on the computer anymore. le sigh.

Last week she offered to send me my grandad’s and uncle’s old Verizon phones since mine has been showing its tail lately, and I could just have my number transferred over. But first she asks me if Verizon will make me pay any delinquent bills on their accounts before I can use the phones. That was the first sign that this plan was not gonna work out for me. So the phones arrive in the mail an they look like crap. They were both new, so I’m not sure what the problem is. Come to find out, Gramma decided to disinfect the phones with rubbing alcohol and ended up stripping the metal/plastic off the face of the phones. Now, after seeing that you’ve mucked up one phone, WHY WOULD YOU DO IT TO THE OTHER ONE? Gramma, I love you, but this has got to stop. This is the same person who had me itching like a crack fiend for days because she washed all my underwear in straight colorsafe bleach (didn’t read the bottle). My Gramma is a smart woman, but she just straight doesn’t follow directions. I wish I’d known about this back in the day when I was getting beat for doing something off the wall.

The moral of the story is: Grandmas are helpful, they just need to be watched.

  1. jason

    27 Oct ?05 6:06 pm

    this page looks fine on my winXP, ie 6, and also in firefox 1.5

  2. Soror Myra

    3 Nov ?05 6:15 pm

    Firefox was the best thing that happened to me in 2005.

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