There, I said it. There is something of value of BET besides the In Living Color reruns. I kinda fell in love with Dame Dash’s swagger after watching State Property for the first time at three in the morning a while back, and this show is like, great. I can guarantee that Donald Trump never snapped on somebody’s shoes during a challenge.

dame dashI can also be pretty sure he isn’t punching staff members in the chest, either. Wtf? On Russel Crowe, explosive violence is def. not a good look, but with Dame I can live with it. I honestly thought he was gonna go hard on a bitch in the boxing ring on the first episode, but I guess that would’ve been too much; but if they start to fighting there’s no telling what might jump off. Ultimate Hustler seems to have struck that nerve of unpredictability that’s absent from most of ‘reality’ TV save The Amazing Race and Project Runway. And so stand my Reality TV Triad. Those are the only shows I’ll watch, promise.

Now, go on to the store and cop my birthday Armadale.