I can finally buy an iPod.

Apple has released video iPods. I told you so, bitches.

I knew that the iPod was just waiting to be one step more than what it already was. After the photo-capable ones appeared, I knew video was coming up next. So I held back, and my waiting was surely enough not in vain. Once these first gens get out of the way (you know they’re going to have bugs and battery issues) I can FINALLY feel economically justified getting an iPod. Shoot, I might just get one for Christmas anyway and dash consumer savvy by the wayside.

Power and battery(3)

Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery

Playback time (60GB model)

* Music playback time: Up to 20 hours when fully charged
* Photo slideshow with music viewing time: Up to 4 hours when fully charged
* Video playback time: Up to 3 hours when fully charged

Battery life on the 60g model looks really good, long enough to actually watch a movie under prime conditions. (of course I’m looking at the 60g… who do you think I am?) but the 30g model only gives you 2 hours of view time. If you’d actually be one to watch a ripped DVD on your ‘pod, that might not be enough time to view the whole flick. I still wish Apple would rethink the whole built-in battery thing, because I don’t feel good at all about having to replace a $600 device three years from now because I can’t get a full charge. Having dealt with this crappy Powerbook battery for what, four years now, I know how irritating that diminishing charge thing can be.

My dream was always to have the iPod that was also a cell phone, PDA, and digital camera, but knowing my knack for misplacing my stuff in safe places (my room, my couch, my grandparents’ house) it might not be such a good idea to have all my necessities wrapped up in one device. This is as close to perfect as it gets. Oy vey, and we give up scholarships like millionaires over here.

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  1. PC

    13 Oct ?05 11:01 pm

    I’m waiting to see if they’ll actually have movies for it – so far everything’s saying that they are only going to have some ABC tv shows and music videos.

    Then, I’ll decide what to do! šŸ™‚

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