Yet another reason why…

David Banner and I could engage in some adult-type activities. His intelligent gangster and striking resemblance to my ex caught me first, then I read the real lyrics to Play. Now he’s coming out with a cartoon on Adult Swim? Good heavens. Come on with it then.

Maybe his backing of Heal the Hood will help to at least highlight the fact that there are a heck of a lot of displaced people who were renting in public housing projects, and therefore have no rights to reclaim their homes if the city decides to sell the land to Hilton and build luxury hotels. (This will happen.) Perhaps Home-in-a-Box (backed by Branford Marsalis and Harry Connick Jr.) will help some of the poor rebuild their homes, that is if the state doesn’t decide to take the land and sell it to private developers first (this will happen, too. This is why.)

Now don’t be mistaken: the goal here is not to put a whole bunch of poor people back in the shitty conditions they were in in the first place; the goal is to help people get to a better place than where they were by first getting them back on their feet in the location they were in. Because the state of Louisiana is going to try to erase these people from their homes. Some people don’t want to go back and are using their displacement as a jumping-off point to build a better life in a new place. That’s a great choice for the people who are making it, if that’s what’s good for them. But the residents of New Orleans who want to return should have the right to do so, whether or not they match the Halliburton-built vision of a new tourist destination. (I bet the “New” New Orleans won’t have shoddy levees.) Alright, that’s it… last post of the day, I promise.


    9 Sep ?05 5:04 pm

    Yet another reason why?

    Yet another reason why?

  2. PC

    14 Sep ?05 4:25 pm

    You know I absolutely LOVE David Banner 🙂

  3. Rashid Muhammad

    20 Sep ?05 8:57 am

    Sheesh, would Banner even have the energy to edit that cut for the radio? Pardon me, I’m out of the loop on this Hip Hop stuff.

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