I’m back baby!

Okay, so I’m watching Nip/Tuck and feeling like this episode is long as shit because of all these movie previews and I’m mad because I hyped myself up for this and it’s boring. Then the last 10 minutes roll around and its all pure gold. This man said “three ways are the new black.” Could someone please buy me the first 2 seasons on DVD? Please?

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  1. Simmone Lezama

    22 Sep ?05 2:20 pm

    So I navigated to this page from your facebook group I’m a Hustla’ (I guess there aren’t as many true hustlas rep-ing at UNCC as they claim), and I read your take on this weeks episode of NIP/TUCK….you have definately got to see the first two seasons. I started watching when it first debuted on tv and this seasons opener was such a disappointment…..i was hoping that big chick would live though. So sad, her husband made me almost shed a tear. I thought he should have been brought up on charges but i guess it is pretty rough trying to get someone to do something they dont want for themselves. ANYWAY, no need to talk your head off, just wanted say keep doing your thing, real recognize real, and I’m digging the page. HOLLA!!

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