I’m a hustla’

So I finally bit the bullet and took advantage of the free trial on to start selling some merch. Now I can finally print up all the cute little t-shirts I want and make a few ends in the process. Feel free to comment/criticize/ask for something custom.

Always one to eschew manufactured irony, I never bought one of Urban Outfitters’ “Everyone loves a black girl” tees, 1. because I could just as easily make most of what Urban Outfitters sells and they’re too expensive for my blood, and 2. because it’s not true. Why do you think they didn’t make those when they made the Jewish/Asian/Irish ones. A black girl is a lonely soul indeed, often hated but universally imitated. I mean, look at the collagen trend and the booty implants and the puzzling phenomenon of white girls with cornrows. Everyone might not love us, but clearly, everyone wants to be a black girl.

Can we get Britney Spears one of these?

  1. Phillip Casley

    21 Sep ?05 8:36 pm

    I absolutely agree!!! Except I absolutely love black girls!!!

  2. courtney

    25 Sep ?05 6:15 pm


  3. PC

    25 Sep ?05 10:50 pm

    Cute!!! I will have to get one of your items!!!

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