He don’t care about us broke niggas

The group K-Otics (out of Houston, of all places) put it all together like the piece of a puzzle © Kweli and remixed Kanye’s Gold Digger with some choice words about Dubya. Have a listen.

In case you were wondering, C Murder is alive and well in Angola Prison, where he was sent after the Gretna, Louisiana prison he was in was struck by the hurricane. I might be the only person who actually cares about the lives of all of the prisoners who were caught up in the flooding… notice that the news stopped mentioning them real quick. I seriously doubt that there was any kind of an earnest attempt to rescue them, and it’s been reported that many were shot and killed trying to escape (death). That makes me sad; not everyone in prison is there for murder, neither are they all guilty. It’s sad for anyone to lose their life that kind of way.

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    9 Sep ?05 3:35 pm

    He don?t care about us broke niggas

    He don?t care about us broke niggas

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