I was saving up all my postey goodness until after my Big Fat Tennesee Weekend, but since that’s not going to happen as planned, here I am still trying to polish my CSS skills to a brilliant shine and downloading new music. (Can I say again how much I LOVE my neighbors in G-towne?)

So I have this new song on repeat: Robin Thicke has a new album out, and though the whole world slept on the last one, I’m still trying to make people belive that it really was hot… or at least three of the singles were. I think the world might be a little bit more ready for his blue-eyed soul this time around, now that Joss Stone has paved the way and Teena Marie is making club bangers with the Cash Money Millionaires. His newest single “Wanna Love You” is pretty nice, and there’s something that sticks to me about the beat, even though it’s simple and rather tame for the Neptunes. However, I believe my part-time lover is overdoing himself singing these hooks– it’s just not hot anymore, doll.

I might slap a link up in a few days, or not. We’ll see.

10-second postpartum edit: The beat is the background notes from Billie Jean raised by an octave or two. I can always catch a sample.