Aries: (March 21?April 19)
You always say The Man is holding you down, but you never mention the intense sexual rush it gives you.

SOMEBODY HAS GOTTA GET OUTTA MY HEAD! I officially have confirmation that Backstory: around early 2003 I fuund out that my AIM profile and away messages are like, syndicated or something across the nation. I’m serious. There are people I’ve never seen before in Ohio, California, and Texas who read my AIM info on a daily, hell, several-times-a-daily basis. Since I’ve not been in school, I’ve slacked off, I know… but there is hope for the future.

So at some point between freshman and sophomore year, I made the profile:

Things I’ve Faded

  • Pharell singing hooks
  • overdecorating in red
  • the right-side salad bar in Fountain
  • sandals in snow
“These things are HAWT” **buy me these.***

  • instant grits
  • situnder dryers
  • Pocky
  • Shea butter from the lady at the flea market

These were on my profile for a good couple days, and what do I see tonight on Adult Swim?? The above as bump! It wasn’t exactly the same, but “Things I’ve Faded so you should fade them too” is miiiiiine. I’ve been cultivating, polishing and coddling “buy me these” for yeeeears! I can’t believe that an actual and honest personal phrase has been janked by [adult swim]. I’m flattered, yet pissed. Now whenever I say it, I’ll look like a poser. Crap.