The only thing better than high speed internet is FREE WIRELESS HIGH SPEED INTERNET.

Olde Georgetowne is that jumpoff for real.

Thanks to the unintentional generosity of one of my neighbors, I now have high-speed wireless internet in my mom’s bedroom. I thought I wouldn’t be able to jump this off until August, but the audioblogging commences… NOW! First up: I’m getting conflicting info on Kanye’s Late Registration. First of all, let me tell you that I bought College Dropout the day it dropped and I was highly dissapointed. I mean, by that time I’d downloaded most everything ye had put out up to that point, including his early mixtape stuff. He definitely sold his best beats. I just wasn’t feeling a lot of the tracks and I knew it could have been better?mostly because I’d heard better from him.

After hearing the Diamonds are Forever remix and seeing the video (which is, in fact for the original song, which is completely different) I was kind of getting excited about Late Registration. On a downloading binge last night, I tried to preview it, but what I ended up getting was a bunch of wiggledy wash. Half the tracks labeled as from the album were actually old mixtape tracks. I thought maybe they would be updated and polished, because those are some of my favorites (Home, Half Price), but they were the same old tracks. I think someone just heard something new to them and labeled wrong, and the wrong labels spread. That being said, I think I may be dissapointed again. Nevertheless, there are some gems.

“Soulful” – Ye ft. John Legend
“Home” – an old fave

It’s a celebration, bitches.