So I like clicking the “next blog” button at the top of the page to see where it takes me. I once ended up at the blog of the guy who would be my soul mate if we actually knew each other and he didn’t already have a gilfriend he was trying to marry. Anyway, I started putting in “randomwords”, and just to check on who had taken the name I was going to use originally, I tried picaflor (means flirt in Spanish, like my AIM id.)

So the first thing I notice is that this person reads The Onion. What are the odds, right? And she writes kinda like I do, only younger and less polished… to make a long story short it took me a good minute and a half to realize that this was, in fact, my old blog from 2002, recounting the weekend of my high school graduation. It’s like opening a little time capsule, or how I would find candy and money from the year before in my coat pockets on the first day of winter. How special.

As far as I can remember, Erin and I did end the fight, the gift count didn’t increase over the summer but went way up after school started, and I didn’t do jack over the summer but hang out with Erin and enjoy myself.

Life hasn’t really changed that much, has it?