What to Do When Your Mom Discovers Your Blog

My mom has discovered mine (formerly on LJ) and I was greeted with “You sure do curse a lot in your little online journal.” Then, “Write some more stuff. You’re funny.” I guess my life is a semi-open book, and I really don’t care. I assume that anything posted on the internet, or put into writing for that matter, is fair game to be found by anyone so why the heck would I post anything online that I wouldn’t want anyone else to see?

I guess that brings me to the whole point of keeping a “blog” in the first place: I talk a lot, and I have more than a handful of friends with whom I’ll share my life experiences and tales and triumph and woe. It’s easier to write things down than say them out loud anyway (and I like having a permanent record of my fleeting thoughts) so why not put them out there so that whoever cares to listen can… listen? So there’s the answer to that question, Courtney and Erin. See, I’ve killed two birds with one stone already.

Why the move from LJ? Because I also like witty banter, and that’s a little hard since most of my journal-reading friends don’t have LiveJournals. And plus, I just wanted to be different.